Are you an audiophile with a nice collection of vinyl records? Are you buying new releases on vinyl? Who even puts records OUT on vinyl now?

Radiohead, for a start–including the new one, In Rainbows. And there are plenty of other acts out there still dedicated to the old medium. Vinyl, unlike CDs, is NOT dead. What you see here is the most advanced vinyl playback method in the entire universe. The ELP Laser Turntable functions much like a CD player, except this baby reads your records.

It plays 7-inch singles, 33-RPM singles, full-length albums, you name it. No needle ever touches your grooves. ELP claims you can get accurate playback from a broken or smashed record with no glue required! Just put all the pieces in the tray and let the lasers to the rest. Amazing. And so is that price…

Buy starting at $9,900.