It is finally happening. After many false starts in America, the electric revolution is coming to a highway near you. Who wouldn’t be pleased to stop paying insane prices at the pump? Why do we continue to fund the fat-cat lifestyles of a bunch of blokes in robes in far-off countries? With these electic wheels, you can save your gas money to fund your own fat-cat lifestyle, and never mind those OPEC dorks. Here are five options to kick gasoline once and for all:

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5. Lithium Mini Cooper

The Lithium battery-powered Mini Cooper conversion by Hybrid Technologies is tested, and the company is in negotiations to make this a powertrain option you could have in the same way you choose between a manual or automatic transmission at the dealership. Wouldn’t that be nice? Top speed is 80MPH, 0-60 in six seconds, and a range of 120 miles make this a sporty dream that could be coming to a showroom near you.

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4. Brammo Enertia
You already know GearCrave loves this one. 50mph top speed, 45 mile range, and weighing 275lbs, this street-legal bike is perfect for city driving, speedy suburban commuting, anything short of a Hell’s Angels road rally. It takes three hours to fully charge. It has a more limited range than the four-wheeled electric vehicles listed above, but at a starting price at $11K, this is one of the most affordable ways to go electric we know.


3. eBox

0-60 in seven seconds, a range of between 120-150 miles per charge, and a top speed of 95mph. Yes, we are well aware that this is a very lame photograph, and shockingly enough, the best one we could locate of this conversion vehicle. The eBox is a Scion xB 5-speed custom-converted to electric power by AC Propulsion; they will convert a customer-provided Scion to electric, but alas this is advertised as being available in California only at the moment. The fine print says “at AC Propulsion’s discretion.” Who’s to say you can’t zip on down from out of state with a Scion and have the job done? You need a 10K deposit to get started.

phoenix sut

2. Phoenix SUT

0-60 in ten seconds, 100-mile range, and highway fast, this is no Tesla but no slouch, either. An electric vehicle that is suitable for commercial fleet use, the Phoenix Sport Utility Truck is definitely a contender for the average driver. It maxes out at 95mph, and also comes in an SUV model. This was supposed to hit over the summer of 2007, but there is some last minute wrangling to get officially certified with the California Air Resources Board and some financing issues that delayed this one til 2008. There are already more than 500 commercial orders for the Phoenix.

1. The Tesla Roadster

This is by far the most exciting–and expensive– electric car innovation to date. With a base price of $98,000, many people will turn white, fall down, and try to crawl away from the car in fear of damaging it somehow. Once you get over the sticker shock, the specs are pretty impressive. 0-60 in four seconds, 245 miles per charge. This car basically runs on about a 135 mpg equivalent, and Tesla figures the operating cost at two cents per mile. Pretty badass, as is the design. Just look at that all-electric style. . .too sweet.

Our top five; some coming soon, some available now for a pretty penny, all 100% electric and no bother about the OPEC goons putting a stranglehold on you at the pump. Of course, generating that electricity still requires fossil fuel. Those oil cartel guys are still smiling. . . for now.