This is the first installment of a weekly review of what other blogs are craving around the web. Let’s see what other gadget/gear blogs are talking about!

NES Controller Mouse Mod

Technabob has the news on an NES controller mouse mod made by our newest hero, who modded the NES controller with optical mouse parts. Sweet!

The Hymn Book iPod Holder

TheGadgetBlog found the coolest iPod case we’ve seen yet, a Holy Bible iPod Holder. Cool, yes, but is it as cool as the Good Book Bible Flask we reviewed earlier this month?

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The A-Team T-shirt

Uncrate dug through the shirt crates and discovered another great one, the A-Team T-shirt. I pity the foo’ who don’t check this one out at Uncrate.

The SoloPipe: the Ultimate Stoner Accessory

This find by Gadgets Review brings us back to our high school days. Okay, and some of our college days. Okay fine, and maybe last weekend when we were really drunk. Hell, five minutes ago. Okay kidding! But still, this is a sweet find: the Solo Pipe, a combination pipe AND butane lighter. The lighter pops up and fires into the bowl of the pipe, setting your tobacco *cough cough, hint hint, nudge nudge* into cherry red smoky goodness.

Tivo HD hits the US

Ubergizmo has the skinny on Tivo HD, which just hit the US. Don’t miss a thing from now on, and don’t miss it in its highest quality.

Make Your Own Wine

Doesn’t look like much, does it. But oh boy, if you want to make your own wine, this is the ticket. The price, on the other hand, is just shy of $6,000, so this isn’t a tool for those on a budget. You might be better of with Yellow Tail for now. Thanks to GadgetExtra for posting about the Oenophile’s Personal Winery.

Toshiba HD-DVD Laptop

Toshiba has released the first HD-DVD laptop, another splurge for you folks with heavy wallets. Not only will this piece play HD-DVDs, it’ll also receive HD TV signals for view on this hi def screen. Via Engadget.

Floating Earth Globe

Okay, I’d love this on my desk. If only this was a projected 3-D image based on Google Earth, it’d smack of Snow Crash, and I’d put up a pretty penny for it. Regardless, this Floating Earth Globe is pretty damn sweet, see Gadgets-Reviews for more.